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What's The Strategic Point Of Accounts - No Really?

It’s an interesting thing to note that the end of year accounts that most business owners get review previous performance. They are simply a reflection of history, rather than a promise for the future!

They are produced by accountants for compliance requirements, rather than as a management tool to target improvement against.

To get a firmer grip of what’s coming up means taking the time to reflect on past performance, review and understand the inputs that led to it, and identifying where your future strategy and activities can influence it more effectively.

The planning workshops that we deliver through Profit Plus are built in a way that insists that the forecasts are more than just estimates on past performance plus a fixed percentage target.

The activities force a degree of reflection, and they require a considered approach to next steps and next year.

If you want to challenge yourself to produce an ambitious growth plan that is rooted in fact, and achievable too, then do yourself a favour and book onto our next event to find out more then book a call with me...

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