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What Does It Take To Achieve Remarkable and Steady Growth?

Are you a business owner/director who is

  • Looking to achieve FAST but sustainable growth in the next few years?

  • Serious about investing for RAPID growth in your business?

  • Or want to develop an exit strategy and maximise value?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will understand that

  1. Your business is an asset that has value beyond its profits

  2. Generating recurring income improves value and security

  3. That you need to invest to grow.

  4. You need a live strategy/plan for growth


This workshop will help you, the business owner, gain a better understanding of the financial issues and strategic planning necessary to gain traction in your growth plans. Business growth is tricky to navigate. In attending this workshop you will improve your understanding of how to:

  1. Plan for your business growth

  2. Understand lending products and generate cashflow

  3. Manage your finances intelligently and leverage your financial position and opportunities

  4. Build and grow without overtrading

  5. Secure the right finance for your business

  6. Find the right support to implement all of the above!

This is a workshop not just a seminar so there will be practical work for you to do on all of the topics covered. Be prepared to engage, learn whilst being inspired by the surroundings of the Funding Circle Building at Mansion House in London