Our purpose at Profitplus is to support and advise Business Owners to gain clarity, focus and direction to:

  • Create a ‘Financial Road Map’ to improve Profitability, cash-flow and Business Value  

  • Build a sustainable profitable commercial business

  • Implement proven growth strategies so you will get results fast 

  • Grow your business so you have choice as to pass on to your family or sell at a maximum price

  • Design your key financial reporting so you will only focus on those key performance drivers of growth specific to your business


We will support you, provide you with peace of mind , clarity of purpose and assurance and we will work with you at your pace to deliver sustainable long term growth.



"Before working with The Planning Guru we struggled with keeping a healthy cash flow. After spending time planning and implementing our plan we have transformed our cash flow, doubled our gross profit and now know where we want to be in the future.


I would strongly recommend The Planning Guru's services to anyone that has a business that they want to see more success from."


"From the outside our business looked highly successful before we worked with The Planning Guru, but really we were working 80 hour weeks and not having any time as a family. Through the process of creating our plan we had so many 'light bulb' moments and we managed to plan our life back. We now only work 4 day weeks and have managed to plan 2 family holidays this year."


"We had a successful business that had been running 'just fine' for the past 20 years., that in itself was our problem. We had no direction and were becoming decreasingly satisfied with 'just fine'. Working with The Planning Guru is a great process that is both exceptionally challenging at the same time as being highly rewarding. We now have direction and focus and once again are feeling excited by our business and what we are going to achieve in our industry."